Robyn Reid

"For as long as I can remember...

-Robyn Reid



 the human face has captured my imagination more than anything else.  My parents tell me that I started drawing faces soon after I learned to hold a pencil.  I ditched my pencil for a paintbrush when I was around twelve years old, and it remains my favorite tool of creative expression.  We all arrive to life hardwired for different things.  In my case, it seems I have always had an inherent, deep down passion for capturing images of the human face using pencil, pen, paint and paper.  In an ever changing life, this passion has remained static.

I'm self taught.  I like to mix mediums.  I like to paint in black in white.  I like to paint on a big, bold scale.  I paint for myself.  I paint portraits of faces that inspire me in a profound way.  Sometimes they're familiar, famous faces.  Often, they're not.  During the creative process I usually find that the image I'm painting becomes much like a mirror, and shows me something about myself that I hadn't seen or recognized before.

Every face can tell a thousand stories.  The stories that reveal themselves will be different for each set of eyes that looks.  My aim is to capture the spirit of each subject I paint, and hopefully share a story that may not otherwise have been told. "